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Creating a Voice on LinkedIn

As you dive into your insurance marketing, you need to think about your long-term impact in addition to your short-term marketing goals. How do you plan to develop your leads' and customers' respect over time? By sharing your knowledge on platforms such as LinkedIn, you can develop a reputation for being an insurance company that has deep knowledge and is willing to share.

LinkedIn for Insurance Marketing 

When you think of LinkedIn, do you think of it as a place to park your resume? It can be much, much more for your insurance agency. You can actively engage with others on the platform, growing your reputation as a business that helps people understand insurance. Here are a few ways to use LinkedIn as an insurance marketing platform: 

  • Develop a professional image. Get a professional to look over your resume. Add a high-quality headshot. Use infographics such as graphs in your online resume to highlight the work that your agency has done in the past. 

  • Create a tagline or a professional headline. This will appear under your name when you post. Make sure that it is relevant to your business and quickly summarizes who you are and on what your business focuses. 

  • Create original content. Consider what your leads and customers are always asking about, or write for businesses who purchase business-related insurance. Choose a few subject areas where you can be the topic expert, and develop content in these areas over time, so that you have a series of articles that go deeper into each topic and show off the depth of your expertise. For instance, don't just write an article on auto insurance; write a series of articles on what businesses need to know when they insure their fleet. Focused content that speaks to your existing audience and builds on it will help you develop a reputation as a knowledgeable, helpful insurance agency.

LinkedIn as a Social Network 

LinkedIn is more than just a place to house your resume and articles. It's also a social network. How can you use the social aspect of LinkedIn to amplify your ability to share your expertise? 

  • Add yourself to groups that discuss insurance issues. Add constructive comments to posts, and you'll find that people begin to appreciate you for these comments in addition to your other content. You can also direct them to your more thorough, article-based analyses of these issues. 

  • Connect with colleagues and other industry professionals old and new to share ideas.  Use LinkedIn as a venue for discussion, but don't drive hard for a sale right away. It's better to create a stronger one-on-one connection and have sales emerge from those, rather than trying to pitch those you meet online.

  • Create connections with other professionals and let those connections bring even more value to the content that you've developed on the platform.  According to the Digital Training Institute, " LinkedIn differs from other social networks in that it allows you to easily post long-form content on the platform, which automatically gets promoted to other professionals in your industry." 

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