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Creating a Welcoming Office

Does your office welcome your new clients with open arms, or is it a little standoffish? By creating a more welcoming office, you can help your current and prospective clients feel at ease the moment they walk in, keep valuable, existing clients, and welcome new clients. Here’s how you can create a welcoming office and make a warm first impression.


Put on a Welcoming Face

You don’t need to renovate your office to add a welcoming face. Those who are working at your reception area might be busy with other tasks, but they are also the first line of contact with visitors and existing clients. Make sure that they look up, smile, and interact with visitors to your business. Do the same on the phone: Even if your employees are busy, they should put their full energy into the phone call at hand, so that the person on the end of the line feels like they’re well cared-for.


Keep It Clean

Is your office state-of-the-art when it comes to computer equipment? Perhaps not, but it can be ahead of the game when it comes to cleanliness. Make sure that there are no large, messy piles of paper on the office desks and that there are comfortable chairs and up-to-date reading material. Messy or outdated offices do not make clients feel welcome. The reception area should be a focal point for janitorial staff as well. Even if your office hasn’t been renovated very much, you can give it a mini renovation with a daily cleanup.


Develop a Welcome Package

Has a new client signed up through your website or in person? Have an electronic welcome package for each client, with information about your agency and its products and services. Invite the client to ask questions, then check in with them to see whether they have any questions about your product. Provide links to continuing education so that your clients can learn more about their insurance and their insurance needs.


Open Communication Channels

Whether it’s a new or existing client, clients appreciate it when you develop strong and ongoing communication channels that help them find answers to their insurance questions. Create a website portal for current clients. Develop webinars and tutorials that draw new clients to your website and make them feel like you are a trusted resource. Blog posts can also help build this relationship. Over time, develop posts on a wide variety of insurance industry topics. You will become a respected voice in your field.


Connect With Your Existing Clients

When you’re interacting with existing clients, go beyond the ordinary to make a strong interpersonal connection with your clients. Make sure that you remember their names and make notes about clients’ interests. Make notes every time you see a client, so that you can remain updated on that client’s life and interests.

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