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Creating Customer Loyalty Through Rewards Programs

Has your agency recently gained more customers? If you are trying to think of ways to keep them all around, there are a variety of tactics you can use.

First and foremost, you need to maintain quality customer service with all of your clients. In addition, if you are quoting for a family who needs health insurance or a business owner who is looking for specialized garage insurance, you need to prove that you can provide them with superior and secure protection. However, one fun way to create loyalty is by providing your clients with rewards programs!

According to research, customers have between 10-15 loyalty cards or programs that they participate in. Although this may show their satisfaction with the programs and discounts, it also reveals that many cannot commit to one specific brand. Therefore, in order to encourage customer loyalty to your agency, you need to create a buyer experience, compelling incentives, and promote the loyalty program.


Buyer Experience

Creating an amazing buyer experience involves the agency’s culture. By having agents with positive attitudes and polite, friendly service, you can begin to create a vision for your company. All of your team needs to be inspired by the vision. However, vision is not enough to create amazing customer experiences. You need to define what that looks like and then deliver it. Going above and beyond will set you apart from others and inspire loyalty. Carefully document the minimum standard of service, and then ensure that everyone on your team is trained and enthusiastic to deliver them.


Compelling Incentives

Compelling incentives have to give your customers a feeling of exclusivity. A few ideas include:

  • VIP Products which are only available to loyalty subscribers
  • Providing a special bundle package for different products
  • Exclusive, significant, member discounts


Promoting the Loyalty Program

The basic steps in promoting a customer loyalty program starts with your team. Have them ask customers if they have signed up for the program. In addition, if you digitize your program, you have the ability to:

  • Allow your customers to share their experiences through social media
  • Connect and converse with all of these customers via email marketing or social media
  • Track buyer behavior. This will bring your program to the next level, based on exactly what your customers are interested in.

Having the loyalty of your community is what keeps you in business. By creating the experience, delivering the service, and promoting the program, you can add value to your vision!


About the Author:  Bob Mucci is the VP of Massachusetts-based Wolpert Insurance. As a leading local insurance agency, Wolpert Insurance specializes in providing Massachusetts insurance consumers with reliable commercial trucking insurance, moving, and storage coverage, livery insurance, garage insurance and effective risk management solutions.

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