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Creating Value With Your Newsletter

Over 100 billion emails are sent and received worldwide each and every day, with business professionals and consumers each receiving an average of as many as 105 emails daily. With so many emails bombarding our inboxes every day, it’s no wonder so many wind up being thrown into the virtual trash or recycle bins without even being read. If your insurance agency relies on newsletters as part of its marketing program, you can still reap big rewards as long as your make your newsletter valuable and relevant to your readers – in short, create a newsletter they’ll want to open and read. Sounds easier said than done? Actually, it can be pretty simple. Here are some ideas to help you get started in creating value with your insurance agency newsletter:

  • Use your newsletter to provide content that’s meaningful to many areas of your clients’ lives rather than focusing solely on their insurance needs. By developing a reputation for providing helpful advice, you’ll wind up getting a more loyal readership over time.
  • Use your newsletter for occasional contests and giveaways – and announce it in the subject line. There’s no need to go overboard – simple contests and prizes are fine, and you may be able to partner with a local business to get a discount on the prize you offer in return for being mentioned in your newsletter.   For instance, if you offer a gift card to a coffee shop, ask the shop owner if you can get the card at a lower-than-face-value cost since they’ll be mentioned in your newsletter.
  • Provide a monthly article highlighting a client, including any work they do in the community, special interests or other information. This can be an especially effective way to gain more business clients, since being mentioned in your newsletter means free marketing for them.
  • Provide an invitation to download a free webinar or ebook that provides information targeted to your readership. Or offer a free downloadable list of top tips for saving money, including information on getting the best insurance for the lowest cost.
  • Focus issues on the season. If it’s spring, talk about easy ways to spruce up or maintain a home or how to buy boat or RV insurance; in fall, talk about saving money when celebrating holidays or shopping for back to school. Think like your readers think, and the ideas will follow.

The American Agents Alliance makes sending newsletters even easier, thanks to member discounts with Constant Contact, the leading provider of email distribution services that help you connect with your clients. To learn more about the discount, just log in to your account and look for it under the members benefits tab. Now go on and get started creating your own must-read newsletter!

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