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Creating YouTube Videos That Boost Your Company’s Profile

What makes an insurance marketing video accessible, shareable, and even viral? Video is a medium that is being used more and more to highlight a company's uniqueness and expertise. If you're going to invest in video, how can you do it well, so that it boosts your company's profile online? 

How to Use Video 

Video isn't just about explaining who you are as an insurance agency. It's not necessarily focused on advertising a product either. Instead, it can focus on: 

  • Explaining how a product works 

  • Providing helpful "how to" information for your clients 

  • Sharing behind the scenes details

  • Letting your customer talk (According to Wishpond, "many small businesses have had great results by posting videos of customer testimonials on YouTube.")

  • Focusing on a topic that's connected to your products, but not about a product  

Developing YouTube Content 

While YouTube might not seem like the right platform for marketing, you can use video on your social media feeds and on your website. Younger people, in particular, are very attracted to video content and tend to look at that content more than they would look at any focused advertising. What are some of the keys to becoming a YouTube success? 

  • Brand your content. Make sure that your colors and logo are visible, so that people know who they are watching, not just what they are watching. 

  • You need consistent content. Putting out a video very occasionally is much less effective than having a large base of YouTube content. Wix states: "Don’t expect success if you plan to create a YouTube channel, upload one video, and then neglect it completely." 

  • Consider your SEO when you title and describe your videos. Make sure that they are easy to find, even by people who are just browsing in a topic area. 

  • Tag your videos with keywords that are right for your business.

  • Connect with other people or organizations. Making a collaborative video gives you even more potential reach. 

  • Make it accessible. Add optional subtitles so that viewers who might have English as a second language or who might have hearing loss can understand your video content. 

  • Include a video-friendly CTA. For instance, you could invite people to leave a comment or a question and respond to those comments and questions.

What to Post on YouTube

What kind of content should you post on YouTube? More specifically, where do you get those ideas? Every business is different, but your content ideas can come from: 

  • Questions that people ask of your business 

  • Questions that people have asked on your other video content 

  • Keywords that people use when they are searching for your business

  • Areas of mutual interest to you and a collaborator. For instance, you could work with your local emergency preparedness team to address issues around flooding. 

  • Emerging issues in your field, if you'd like to frame yourself as an expert in that specific area of work

Positioning yourself as a friendly expert online can improve your insurance marketing. At American Agents Alliance, we want to help you develop your insurance marketing expertise. Learn more at our Alliance Convention, and check out the many tools that we have available as part of your membership benefits.

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