Cross-Selling Life Insurance

Expand your reach and grow your business

Maintain Your Visibility with Cross-Selling

We’ve partnered with Brightbox, a completely automated email marketing system that is perfect for Property & Casualty Insurance Agents. Expand your reach, grow your business and create lasting customer relationships without having to invest valuable time and effort. With Brightbox you will:

  • Uncover new leads
  • Cross-sell into any line of business
  • Have the freedom to focus on other parts of your business
  • Have access to time-saving, intelligent marketing tools that allow your business to look larger than it is


Brightbox adds value to my agency through a broader range of products, plus it’s another opportunity to “touch” my clients and stay in front of them.

             David Duncan, Duncan Insurance Services

Brightbox adds value to my agency through a broader range of products, plus it’s Brightbox was a no-brainer from the start. It immediately put me in the business of offering life, disability income, long term care, and annuity products to my property casualty clients. I now have the ability to pursue multiple sales with every client..

             Cameo Pulver, Access First Insurance

Member Benefit

  • FREE for the first 3 months, $99 per month thereafter

  • No start up fee

  • Cancel anytime

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E&O Insurance for Insurance Agents

  • A-rated & admitted carrier
  • Special rates for new agents – as low as $650
  • No fee monthly payment plans
  • Cyber liability extension included
  • Affordable premiums
  • First dollar defense; deductible applies to damages only
  • And much more!

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