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Develop Your Customer Nurturing Strategy to Grow Leads and Sales

Sales is about more than just selling a product. Your customer nurturing strategy is just as important as closing the deal. When it comes to purchasing an expensive and complicated product or service, potential customers need lots of time and attention.

This customer nurturing process is critical to success in your role as an agent. But it can be challenging to know where to start and the best ways to turn prospective leads into satisfied customers.

Read on to learn more about the best ways to develop your lead and customer nurturing skills.


Develop Your Customer Nurturing Strategy

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Communicate often.

Reach out often to your prospects. It can take several communications before someone starts paying attention — and then even more messages until they respond and buy. Keep sending messages over time. Consider using personalized messages and targeted ads to pique the interest of your market.


Be consistent.

Consistency is key when it comes to lead nurturing. By being available and approachable through your messaging, your potential customers will learn you are dependable — an important trait in an insurance agent. The old marketing Rule of Seven means your leads have to see your marketing message seven times on average before they make a purchasing decision.


Use various methods to communicate.

Try several different ways to message potential policyholders. Use email, social media posts, ad campaigns, and phone calls to reach different leads. People like to use different methods of communication, so by trying various methods you will land on success and find a way to reach most people.


Offer solutions first.

Provide solutions to your customer’s challenges first before asking them for anything. When reaching out to potential new clients, offer them information, education, referrals, a free policy review — anything! Just don’t ask them for the sale right away. If you provide value first, your prospect will know you are helping.


Use integrated marketing.

Integrated marketing simply means all your marketing efforts align with each other. You might post a long-form article on LinkedIn, a catchy Tweet, an upbeat YouTube video, and a personalized email about the same topic. Exploring it in different mediums — but all linked by a common theme — integrates your marketing efforts. Your leads will see various parts of this strategy and take in your message.


Educate people.

Offer education about insurance, risk management, and your specialty niche. You can host seminars or webinars for members of your community or send a free newsletter with advice and tips. Try writing blogs for your website or hiring a content management agency to help you create insightful content designed to convert. Post on LinkedIn to generate discussion and provide helpful information.


Try personalized messaging.

Find out what your potential customer wants and target them with messaging designed to meet their needs. No one likes generic messages, so it may not help to send mass emails to your entire email list. Sending targeted messages is a more current customer nurturing strategy that can help you convert leads to sales. If you aren’t comfortable running your own personalized email campaign, there are plenty of vendor options to explore.


Talk with people.

As an agent, you’re probably already involved with your local community. Be sure to talk with people when you are at volunteer events and local business meetings. The one-to-one connection is still important to many people and is a great way to grow relationships. Some of the best business relationships develop over months and years, so have patience with this customer nurturing strategy. As COVID restrictions ease, you’ll be able to see more people in person in your community.


Respond quickly to inquiries.

When your leads do reach out with questions, respond as quickly as you can. People move much more quickly in a digital world and if you don’t answer their questions someone else will. Following up promptly both impresses your potential customers and keeps them in your sales funnel. You can learn even more about your prospect’s needs by the questions and concerns they have — then use that information to retarget personalized marketing campaigns to their specific needs.


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