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Digging Deeper Into Social Media Marketing

When you're working on insurance marketing, demographic data is probably your marketing strategy mainstay. How old are your clients? Where do they live? How many children do they have? While this data is fundamental to your insurance marketing, it's not the only data that is useful for your insurance business. More businesses are now turning to social media to understand their clients more thoroughly. 

Why Focus on Customer Complexity? 

Why should you gather more complex data on your clients' needs and wishes? According to the Harvard Business Review, "consumers have a greater number of choices today than ever before, more complex choices, and more channels through which to pursue them. In such an environment, simple, integrated solutions to problems—not fragmented, burdensome ones—will win the allegiance of the time-pressed consumer." 

Your clients are looking for simple, sensible solutions to their insurance problems. They want you to meet their needs in a way that feels straightforward to them and to do so with a deeper understanding of their specific interests. When they are worried about their health or they're considering purchasing a new car, if you can be present with solutions, they will appreciate that tremendously. 

Learning More About Your Clients On Social Media 

How can your insurance company use social media to collect more information about your clients' needs, so that you can ensure that you have products and marketing that meet them with what they need, where they are? 

According to Pixlee, you can gather social data. Social data is "information that’s collected from social media platforms. It shows how users view, share and engage with your content." Understanding what content users like gives you insight into your markets. For instance, you might notice that your Facebook posts on the needs of aging parents and insurance trends in that area always get a lot of likes.

Look at who is saying what about your brand – or about their insurance needs in general. By monitoring what people are saying about you online, you can get a sense of your clients' needs and their frustrations. Not only can you watch out for potential problems with your online image, you can also use the information that you gather here to adapt the ways you provide products, serve clients, or market your business. 

Learn what social media content customers like to understand their needs more thoroughly. For instance, on Facebook, you could target groups of people who are interested in the outdoors or in vintage automobiles. Your clients' hobbies and worries should be your concern, because this is the day-to-day reality of their lives, and you can learn a lot about how to market to each audience based on their interests.

Understand Customers' Values 

By watching their behavior on social media, you not only begin to understand more about customer demographics. You also come to understand what they value. This helps you change your marketing language and focus. For instance, if cost is a concern for your clients, you can focus on this. If online access to accounts is something that your clients value, you can focus on this in your marketing instead. Knowing what your customers value helps you shape your insurance marketing. 

As you delve into the world of insurance marketing, talk with American Agents Alliance. We're here to help you expand your network, increase your knowledge, and provide your insurance business with a wide range of membership benefits. Connect with us today. 


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