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Digital Business Cards Compared

Being an insurance agent or broker is about more than selling insurance. You need to know how to run a successful business and making it simple for potential customers to reach you is key. Digital business cards are the next big thing in networking and can make your life easier.

There are lots of solutions designed to help you run your business. Many different types of businesses benefit from smart digital business cards instead of physical ones. Digital or virtual business cards can augment or replace their paper predecessors. They contain all your socials, contact information, and other key details.

Read on to compare digital business card options and find the best for your insurance business.


Digital Business Cards Offer Many Benefits

With many different smart card options on the market and more introduced all the time, it can be challenging to decide which digital business card is the best for you. But with so many benefits, smart digital cards are here to stay.


Benefits of Digital Business Cards

The benefits outweigh any negatives with digital business cards.

  • Many versions are free, leaving you with little risk when trying out the new technology.
  • You can include more information on a digital card compared with a traditional paper version.
  • Many app-based versions of smart business cards do not require the recipient to also have the app, making them seamless to use.
  • Some apps offer free core features so you can use the technology without a financial commitment.
  • You can design different versions for different event types or clients.
  • Apps come pre-loaded with templates and themes, so it is simple and fast to design your digital business cards and to allow your team to use your design to add their information.
  • Never run out of business cards or forget to bring enough to an important networking event — if you have your mobile phone with you, you have your digital business cards.


Digital Business Cards Compared

Explore some of these options when looking for your smart digital business card provider.


Switchit Digital Business Cards

With Switchit, you can design your card to match your business brand with custom colors, messages, and images. The app allows international messaging to share your card globally and it automatically captures the contact details of anyone who receives your digital business card. Switchit Digital Business Cards also support video so you can truly customize your card.



Popl is another app that allows you to custom design your digital business card using its themes and templates. People you share your card with don’t need to have the app themselves to get your contact details. Popl allows you to have both a business and a personal profile on your card. You can also choose to share only a direct link to your socials, instead of your full profile, by using the Popl Direct feature.


Nexus Digital Business Card

For more metrics and analytic features, try Nexus. Nexus considers itself as both a digital business card and a contact manager app — and its marketing data is a strong feature of the app. The app tracks profile views and form submissions from everyone who views your digital business card. With more marketing and metric-based tools, Nexus is handy for tracking your impact.



One of the original digital business card apps, Haystack is free with unlimited scans and no ads. Anyone can view your details without downloading the app with Haystack. You can design a branded business card quickly. Haystack allows you to scan paper business cards you receive, and updates contact details as they change.



Blinq allows you to design your digital business card and creates a QR code for your contacts to scan from your widgets, your Apple watch, or via text or email. You can have multiple versions for different events or clients. Sharing your digital business card lets others send you their details if they’d like. The app also tracks when and where you met the contact. Blinq has an optional subscription service in addition to its free version.


Social Card

Social Card is Apple Wallet’s solution to digital business cards. It is a free app that integrates into your Apple Wallet. Your digital business card resides in your wallet instead of in a separate app and is compatible with any iOS device. Your contacts do not need a separate app to view your details. Apple offers a free and premium version of its Social Card.


HiHello Digital Business Card

HiHello cards are fully customizable, and you can even add a video message and have multiple versions. Anyone can access your information from your HiHello digital business card without downloading the app. You can also sync your contact list with your Google, Outlook, and more. HiHello’s digital business cards can help you create an email signature linked to your business card — and even a Zoom background! Share your HiHello card via text, email, link, QR code, or NFC tag.


Whichever digital business card solution you pick, you are making an eco-friendly choice that will save you money and impress your contacts.


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