Disability Insurance Program

Protect your paycheck and your way of life

Offering Two Disability Insurance Programs for Active Members

The American Agents Alliance and CPS Insurance have facilitated the development of two Disability Insurance Programs for active members of the American Agents Alliance. We encourage members to take full advantage of these excellent programs. 

Member Benefit

  • For members age 60 and under, you have the option of choosing Principal Life Disability Income (insures your earnings), DI Retirement Security (insures your retirement savings), and/or Overhead Expense (pays the fixed expenses of your business).
  • There is a supplemental offering of $1,000,000 of lump sum disability coverage available to members and clients under age 65 on a modified guaranteed issue (MGI) basis and to age 69 with medical underwriting.

Below is a brief summary of the program highlights.

  • All policy premiums are discounted 10% because you are an active member of the Agents Alliance (10% discount not available on Overhead Expense policies in CA).
  • The policies contain the most comprehensive definitions of disability (i.e. Own Occupation definition of total disability to age 65).
  • You can insure up to 100% of your income against catastrophic disabilities.
  • The premiums are level and guaranteed not to change, to age 65.
  • Your coverage goes with you without increases in premium or changes in the benefits, regardless of where you work or what associations you belong to.
  • The DI Retirement Security and Overhead Expense Policies are available in addition to the maximum Disability Income coverage for which you qualify.

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