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Does Your Insurance Marketing Encourage Active Participation?

Blah, blah, blah: if you listen to advertising and that’s what you hear, you’re not alone. Many people feel disengaged when it comes to outbound marketing strategies. If your customers are ignoring your ads, what can you do to draw them into more active engagement with your insurance agency with different kinds of insurance marketing?


Get Active 

Who wears a device that tracks activity? These devices are getting more and more popular as people work to count their steps and get healthier.

Getting active is equally important when it comes to your insurance marketing. What does that mean in the marketing world? It means that you:

  • Engage your readers through social media, having a conversation with them online
  • Create multiple opportunities for connection via your website, including phone, email, text, and even bots.
  • Understand your customers’ pathways to connection and interests in your business, and create content that draws them in to learn more
  • Develop value-added insurance marketing materials that continue a connection with your customers


How to Find Active Participants 

Your insurance customers want to be actively engaged with your company. However, if your past attempts at connection have been less than exciting, they may not even realize that they want to connect. How can you make overtures to your audience and draw them into more engagement with your company?

Personalize your content to your customers’ needs. Forbes says that “personalization means segmenting your content to reach different types of audience members based on their preferences, habits, etc.” Learn more about your customers. What are their preferred topics, based on the keywords they search for and the issues they bring up at your agency?

Know where your customers are going next. If you see that many people are buying insurance for their new drivers, create content focused on this. Develop an ongoing relationship with your customers through content. Become a valued part of their information pool. When you establish yourself as a resource for your customers, they know that they can turn to you when they need key insurance information.

Automate your content so that you can send the right content to customers at the right time, without having to constantly email it to your customers by 5:00 pm. Use apps like Marketo and Hubspot to coordinate your content marketing.

Consider the next steps for your content. Are your insurance clients looking for a document that outlines what tenants need to know about their tenant insurance? Create this as a value-added document. Develop opportunities for you and your insurance clients to go far beyond advertising, and they’ll see you as an essential resource.

Truly engage on social media. Rather than just posting ads about what’s coming up for your business, ask your customers questions, hold a contest, or ask a question that’s relevant to the community where you work. According to Adage, “participating consumers are less likely to feel that the message has been forced upon them.”

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