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Don’t Use Email to Sell to Your Subscribers [Do This Instead]


  • It’s easy to ignore, delete, or mark an email as spam. This makes it an ineffective tool for sales.
  • There are ways to use email that will help keep you connected to your customers and promote your business without selling outright.
  • Newsletters, welcome emails, and triggered emails are examples of useful types of email marketing. 

Email is an incredibly useful tool for certain things, like keeping in touch, providing updates and instructions, and conducting certain types of business. However, it’s less useful for other things – like selling.

Consumers get a lot of emails. And if they perceive that an email isn’t wanted or useful to them, they’ll simply get rid of it. A push of the button deletes it – or worse, marks it, and everything else that comes from that address, as spam.

Selling to subscribers over email is an ineffective use of a valuable tool. Take a look at three more effective ways that your agency can use email instead.


newsletter marketing
A newsletter can be a useful sales tool without direct selling.

Your subscribers do so for a reason. They might not want to be sold something by email, but they do want to keep abreast of what’s going on. So send them newsletters that contain interesting and relevant content. Give your subscribers the information they’re looking for, and lead them to your website with links that will help them find additional valuable content. This will both increase your website clicks and familiarize your subscribers with your brand.

This may also drive sales by gently reminding customers where they can go when they need your products and keeping you forefront in their minds when they’re ready to buy.

Welcome Emails

If your new subscriber has also become a new client, great! Eventually, you may want to sell them more products, but for the moment, you want to make sure that they know they’re appreciated and they know how to make the best use of what they have already purchased.

That’s a job for the welcome email. The welcome email:

  • Thanks the customer for their patronage
  • Introduces the team they’ll be working with
  • Offers thank-you gifts
  • Gives instructions that the client will need to move forward
  • Informs the clients about social media communities
  • Provides important links

Your client may save and refer back to the welcome email when they need to refresh themselves on information or find a link, so make it something that they’ll be happy to see later on.

Triggered Emails

trigger email
Remember your client’s birthday with a triggered email.

You send triggered emails when there’s an event that you want to commemorate. These are a good way to let your client know that you’re thinking about them and reminding them to think about you, but gently and without too much effort on your part.

For example, you might schedule an email to be sent when your client has been with you for a year or when they need to renew their subscription or service. Happy birthday emails can also be beneficial for your agency and pleasant for clients to receive if they’re done correctly.

For more information about the value of email marketing correctly, the American Agents Alliance can help. To learn more, contact us.

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