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Door to Door Insurance Marketing

Have you become so focused on direct mail or Internet insurance marketing that you have forgotten you might have great prospects a few steps outside of your office door.  The irony is that your neighbors might be very willing to consider purchasing products from somebody they have met and know has an office down the street if they even knew you existed. But they might not have bothered to open your direct mail or happened to find you in the search results on their PC or smartphone.  Door-to-door insurance marketing still works, and you don’t have to make your visit seem like a sales call at all.


Develop the Proper Mindset for Door to Door Marketing

Most agents will tell you that they do not wake up in the morning enthusiastic about the idea of making dozens of cold calls.  But when you develop a short introductory script, don’t approach it from a sales angle.  Approach it like you are about to get the chance to meet your neighbors and offer to do them a favor. For example, all of your neighboring businesses have to carry some type of business insurance.  If you’ve ever spoken to them about it, you probably already know that many complain about the price.  If you haven’t spoken to them yet, here’s your opportunity to listen to what they have to say and offer to evaluate their current coverage and try to find them a better deal from a highly rated company.  You’re not selling them anything, but you are offering to go to work to save them money.


Work with American Agents Alliance

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