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Earthquake Insurance is the Missing Piece to Your Homeowners Insurance Business

Products Designed for a Unique Risk. With the selection of policies available, you can offer your customers the earthquake policy that best fits their needs and budgets. In California, we are excited to offer a new Flexible Split Product in addition to our Single Limit Policy. Our earthquake insurance products come with low deductible options, flexible payment plans, and specific coverage limits for homeowners’ unique challenges with earthquake damage.

Your homeowners customers rely on their home equity as one of their most valuable assets for retirement and financial security. As an insurance agent, you work with your customers to help them protect themselves against risk. If you’re not offering earthquake insurance to your customers at risk, why not?


Why Your Agency Should Offer Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance is an opportunity to quickly grow your book of business, help your customers achieve better financial security, and expand your offerings to new customers. Whether or not the housing market is stable or volatile, earthquakes are a genuine risk for your customers who need security and reliable coverage. Many homeowners don’t even realize they don’t have protection against earthquake damage.

Earthquake insurance is something you can market to your current and new customers. By adding this option, you can leverage your existing book of business and develop a more robust suite of offerings for your new customers. On average, you can expect at least 90% of your customers do not have earthquake coverage. With a gap so significant, you have ample opportunity to market yourself as the expert authority on better financial security with earthquake protection for your customers’ most valuable asset.

Now, more than ever, the housing market is facing uncertain times. Earthquakes, however, are a constant risk to your customers’ peace of mind. It’s not a matter of if, but when the next earthquake will happen. Starting the conversation on financial preparedness for emergencies is an essential part of your agency’s goals. Now is the perfect time to consider how your customers need to reframe their thinking on preparing for emergencies of all kinds.


Why Your Agency Should Choose GeoVera Insurance

Experienced and Trusted. We are a leading expert on catastrophic-risk insurance. With decades of experience, our earthquake insurance products can help your customers achieve peace of mind and better security of their home equity. Our “A” (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best demonstrates our strength as a carrier that can deliver when your customers need it most. While other providers may struggle, our experience and rating make us one of the best choices for such a devasting risk like earthquakes.

Even better, as an appointed agent, you have access to personalized assistance with a Sales Leader to help answer your questions and energize your marketing efforts.

Online Ease-of-Use. Our earthquake insurance products are all available online to make it even easier for you to get quotes, manage policies, and submit claims from anywhere and anytime. Policyholders also get online access to make it easier for them to self-serve, empowering you to be a more efficient agent.


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