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Earthquake Risk Greater Than Previously Thought

In an effort to help us identify where earthquakes are likely to happen, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) updated the U.S. earthquake hazard maps this past summer – the first time since 2008.

California remains at high risk with strong earthquake potential extending over a wider area than previously thought with new faults discovered in San Jose, Vallejo and San Diego.  These updates have insurance companies reassessing rates and coverage.

Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc. has been offering mono-line earthquake products to California homeowners since 2000.  Working with strong insurance carriers with A.M. Best ratings of “A-“ or higher, Arrowhead is able to provide excellent earthquake solutions for your clients.  In fact, Arrowhead just expanded its program to accept high value homes up to $15 million TIV.  This is a comprehensive earthquake policy with a 10 percent deductible from an admitted carrier. Steve Goebel, Arrowhead’s resident earthquake specialist, can help you and your staff better understand the various earthquake solutions for your clients. Email Steve at or call 619-881-8530.

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