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Email Marketing Systems Can Help You Uncover New Leads

What does your email insurance marketing system do for you? You might consider your marketing system to be an outstanding tool for wrangling your contacts and communicating with those contacts. However, it can also help you uncover new leads for your insurance business.

Show Your Value 

When you develop an email marketing system, you know that it’s a way to nurture new leads. Your leads are on that email list because they’re interested in what you have to say. Sometimes, they are clients already. At other times, they are simply curious about your agency or may have signed up for your email list because you create content that teaches them more about your area of insurance.

When you have people on your email marketing list, make sure that you show them how valuable you are. Use your list to learn more about your clients’ interests, and carefully segment your audiences so that you can develop content specific to each of those interests. You can use the power of A/B testing to see how each piece of marketing content lands and how it connects your leads to your business.

Build Your Relationship 

Your email list is not just comprised of individuals who are clients or not clients. Some of them are more curious than others. As you develop your email marketing, one of your jobs is to continuously intrigue people so that you draw them into a closer relationship with your insurance business. According to Forbes, “it’s important to give your warm leads as much attention as your cold leads.” Don’t treat everyone on your email list equally; pay special attention to those who are already engaging with your content in some way, because these people are more likely to become customers in the near future.

New Possibilities From Current Clients 

While you may have a client who is already part of your agency, know that your client could potentially go further with your agency as well. For instance, those who sign up for your property insurance may also be interested in your auto insurance. Make sure that your email marketing doesn’t just sell people on what they are already doing; it can uncover new possibilities from your current clients by telling them more about the full range of products that you offer.

Extend Your Reach to New Clients 

As you create content for your clients, extend your insurance marketing reach by creating content that is really a gem. For instance, a primer for parents whose teens are about to get a first car is something that your clients might consider sharing with their network of friends. If you provide property insurance for businesses, creating a simple document that outlines what businesses should look for in their property insurance will help ease the minds of those who are seeking new property insurance. Developing content that’s truly valuable will not only engage your current clients, but it will also encourage them to share it with others who then become part of your email marketing as well.

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