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Emphasize the Importance of a RTW Program to Your Customers

As a local insurance agent, it is important that you offer multiple lines of insurance, as well as lines and coverages that complement each other.

Let’s take Massachusetts workers compensation for example. While discussing this type of coverage, you should not hesitate to educate your customers on the importance of a return-to-work (RTW) program as well. Business owners will be thrilled to hear about the benefits of an RTW program, for both them AND their employees. Consider passing along this type of information:

The ways an RTW program can benefit the business owner:

  • May possibly lower workers compensation premium

  • Allow employers to stay “in the loop” while an employee is out with an injury (keep up with recovery progress)

  • May speed up the recovery period and have the employee back to work ASAP

  • Can save money when it comes to hiring/training costs associated with a replacement

  • Reduce the risk of a fraudulent claim

The ways an RTW program can benefit the employees:

  • May help employee recover much faster by keeping them in a work mentality and on schedule

  • Promote better employee morale

  • May eliminate the negative effects of a long-term absence from the office

  • Reduce the guilt of staying home versus working

  • May guarantee that the injured employee does not suffer financial loss due to the loss of time on the job. By passing along your expertise, customers are sure to deem you a reliable source for both coverage and advice. This will build your reputation and in turn, bring more business to your agency.

About the Author: Bob Mucci is the VP of Massachusetts-based Wolpert Insurance. As a leading local insurance agency, Wolpert Insurance specializes in providing Massachusetts insurance consumers with reliable commercial trucking insuran, e, moving and storage coverage, livery insurance, garage insurance and effective risk management solutions.

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