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Employees Who Stick: Hiring For Longevity

The accumulated experience and training that your employees bring is your business's greatest asset. Once you've trained your employees, you've made an investment, and you want to make sure that those employees stay with you for the long term and actively help you grow your business. How can you create jobs that attract long-term employees, ask the right questions when you're hiring, and provide the training and support that employees need to cultivate this important business asset?

Be Irresistible
To attract excellent candidates who are looking for a long-term position, create excellent positions that will suit these candidates for the long term. Think about the pay rate, but move beyond that to consider the entire job package. Add benefits that protect your employees at work, such as E&O insurance, and ensure that employees have access to quality health care and disability benefits as well. Create jobs that are flexible, with hours that suit working parents or can flex to accommodate those who are taking care of older relatives. Make sure that the core job description is as engaging as it can possibly be and gives room for job growth over time.

Develop a Job Ad That Speaks to Candidates
When you're looking for new employees, create an ad that's both honest and enticing. Play up the interesting qualities of the job, but remember to mention the full scope of responsibilities. Place job ads in the venues that your ideal candidates frequent, and use your online and in person social networks to promote your position.

Ask the Right Questions
When you're looking for long term employees, you need to ask the right questions. What is your interviewee looking for in a position? They might be an asset to your team, but is the job right for your new hire's long-term plans? How does it fit with a prospective employee's current schedule or responsibilities? Make sure that your job fits with your employee's lifestyle, interests, and goals to ensure that it will be a good fit for a long time.

Smooth the Path
Once you've hired, provide a training program that helps your new employees ease into their new work environment. Get them prepared, then offer ongoing mentoring to smooth the way into their new role, easing their frustrations. Provide a clear chain of support where new and existing employees can go when they have questions or concerns.

Create a Company Culture That Works
One of the reasons that people leave an organization is because its culture doesn't work for them. They may have the best job in the world, but if it's the best job in the worst working conditions, it's no good after all. Strive to address conflicts quickly and effectively, provide flexibility and time off, and be collegial. Make your workplace engaging and supportive, and your employees will be happy in their work.

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