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Encourage Your Staff To Stay Motivated This Summer

We’ve entered the dog days of summer. The weather is warmer and motivation may feel hard to come by. But people still need insurance in the summer, right? Of course they do! This is why at your insurance agency, you need to be sure you are encouraging your employees and keeping them motivated, excited and passionate about their goals. Although working is less desirable than a dip in the pool on a hot summer day, when you have a motivated and passionate team behind you, it makes it much easier to come into work in the morning, doesn’t it? To keep the momentum going, share some of these ideas to keep your agency inspired, producing and excited about insurance all summer long.

  1. Set goals and stick to them. It might be tempting to put off until tomorrow what you can do today when you are feeling the drag of summer, but avoid it! Keep working to stay on top of your game and avoid those days that are filled with the stresses of playing “catch-up”.

  2. Set a time limit. Instead of focusing all of your energy on one huge task, break it up a little bit. Work on one task for a certain period of time and then switch gears and work on another.

  3. Get outside for a bit. Even if it’s just during lunch time, the warm sun will do some good to everyone.

  4. Take advantage of the summer fun planned around where you live. If you are running an insurance agency in a town that frequently has a festival every year on the 2nd Friday in August, why not give everyone the freedom to leave early to enjoy it?

The increased motivation will thank you for it later. It’s important to take in the simple pleasures of summer – ice cream, picnics and the beach. Encourage your staff to maintain that work-life balance you always talk about and take a few days off to enjoy the summer.

About the Author: Nathan Dagley is the Founder of Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., with offices in Texas and Colorado. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and brings leadership and vision to DIFS.

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