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Encouraging Young People to Pursue Insurance Jobs

Your office is happy, your business is thriving, and while you have navigated ups and downs like any other business, you feel like your company offers solid insurance jobs. Why aren’t young people flocking to the positions that you post? If you’d like to attract more young people to ease the transition as Boomers retire, here’s how to make your advertisements and your workplace friendly to a younger audience.


Be Active on Social Media

Particularly for younger generations, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are places to gather information, learn about others, and make plans with friends. When your organization is active on social media, you not only reach out to potential customers, you reach out to future employees as well. This is a place to project your identity, portraying your business as a fresh, friendly, and community-oriented insurance company. Be real in your online interpersonal interactions. Millennials value authenticity and values-based organizations. When you’re online, show how you live your values and support your community.


Put a New Face on Insurance

What do young people think of when they consider insurance jobs? Insurance can sound staid and stuffy. However, you know that your field is just as dynamic as many others. In the work that you do, the advertising you create, and the jobs you post, speak to young peoples’ interests. They’re looking for a job where they can make a difference, learn something new, and connect with others. Show them how an insurance career can be that job.


Get Out Into Your Community

An insurance business isn’t just an office on the corner. Your business needs to be highly visible in the community. March in the local parade. Develop a home safety workshop for young parents. Sponsor the school fair. Do what it takes to become visible to many different demographics. This will not only increase your base of potential customers, it will also pique interest in working at your insurance company.


Offer Tradition and Flexibility

Secure jobs are incredibly valuable. If you offer your employees excellent health insurance or extra vacation, this is a great selling point for younger people, especially those who are on the verge of settling down and starting a family.

On the other hand, young people don’t want to give up the flexible workplace that’s starting to emerge. They might be looking for a job that could allow them to travel or have multiple locations so that they have a choice regarding where they live. As new parents or caregivers of the elderly, they want to have a job where they can job-share or flex their hours to accommodate care-giving schedules. Show how your business has a balance between benefits and flexibility, and you’ll win their hearts.

When you’re trying to attract younger people into the insurance field, you need to be visible where they are and speak to their job interests. Each generation has its own specific interests and needs. By connecting with the needs of Millennials, you can attract them to your insurance jobs.
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