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Everyone Loves the Mailbox

Not everyone loves surprises, but just about anyone enjoys a gift.  And when it comes to the mailbox, everyone loves opening it up to see what’s inside.  From the always-dreaded bills to an unexpected check, the mailbox has its way of getting us to check it each and every day. What about your insurance agency?  Are you still taking advantage of snail mail?  If not, you should be.

In fact, the Direct Mail Association released findings in 2013 that 65 percent of consumers had recently made a purchase based on a piece of direct mail they had received in their postal mailbox. Still not convinced to jump on the snail mail bandwagon?  If not, think about the fact that print mail has the highest conversion rate, especially when it is combined with personalization and customization.  If you would like more info on the benefits of segmenting and personalizing postal mail, take a look at these top personalization benefits. Here’s a quick look at the top three tips you should be following when sending postal mail.


1.) Keep it simple

Consumers don’t want to open up their mailbox and have to pull out a booklet.   Think of how overwhelmed you get when the weekly ads start piling on. The mail that you send to them should be simple, clean, and to the point—perhaps in the form of a tri-fold or half-fold brochure.  Whatever it is that you’re marketing, simply list the benefits and let the readers know why they need to purchase it through you.


2.) Make sure you get the names right

There’s nothing worse than your client Bob opening up a piece of mail from you only to discover that it has been sent to a man named Hank.  If you’re going to put forth the effort to personalize the mailings—and you should—then take the time to get everything right.  When you fail to meet the expectations of your customers, you cast a negative light over your agency.  Customers will start to think that if you can’t mail marketing materials correctly, then you won’t be able to protect them with your insurance agency products when claims are filed.


3.) Skip the envelope

When your direct mail marketing materials are covered in an envelope, you risk the chance of the recipient throwing it away without every opening it.  With postcards, though, there is no envelope to open, which means with a simple glance, the recipient will be able to see your message.  This is a great opportunity to catch your prospects and customers with a striking image and your marketing message in an instant. Consider a free giveaway to induce them to take action. You can offer up a free entry to dinner for two or a Starbucks gift card if they come in to talk insurance with you.


The Takeaway

The snail mail world is still highly functional, and you should be taking advantage of it.  After all, even if a person doesn’t have access to the Internet, they likely have access to a mailbox.

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