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First Steps To Improve Your Digital Communication

Is your current website more of a digital business card than an interactive space for client engagement? This happens to many businesses that are just starting out in the digital world. While it’s valuable to have a website, it’s even more valuable if your website can act as a venue for client interactions, encouraging and enabling your clients to connect with your business. How do you begin?

Create Content Focused on FAQs

Every business has questions that clients ask over and over again, and your insurance agency is no exception. Position your business as an authority by creating a frequently asked questions section for your website or developing blog content about those questions. Add a strong call to action on each to ensure that you invite your clients to contact you via email or through a contact form. That way, you position yourself as an authority and encourage people to act by reaching out to you.

Show that your website is a place for clients to get answers. 
Show that your website is a place for clients to get answers. 


Learn How Your Clients Communicate

There are many different ways for clients to communicate with your business. Check with your existing audience and sales to see how clients communicate now, and examine the demographics of your current and desired audiences. Research how they communicate, then start to provide that as an option on your website. For instance, if you’re trying to reach a younger audience, they may be more interested in texting you rather than calling or emailing.

Update Your Contact Page

As you develop your digital presence, make sure that your Contact Us page and any other third-party websites such as Google Business have the correct contact information. If you have a social media account or more than one, make sure that it references your website and vice versa.

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic

Your insurance marketing presence isn’t only about your website – it’s also about your social media marketing. Research your audience and see what platform is the best one for you. Facebook is often used to “generate leads and build relationships,” according to the Digital Marketing Institute, while Twitter is popular with those under 50 who want to track breaking news. Take a look at each platform and consider which one suits your audience, and commit to posting regular content that connects you with other businesses and establishes your reputation as a knowledgeable company to follow.

Add Live Chat to Your Website

If you’re trying to provide immediate customer service to prospective and current clients, consider adding a live chat function to your website. According to Host Papa, “41% of customers prefer to use live chat to communicate with a business.” This feature turns your website from a static site into a highly-interactive way of communicating with your clients.

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