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Focusing on Productivity to Enhance Your Insurance Marketing Strategy

Has your insurance agency gotten busier and busier with the New Year? With more insurance customers comes the need for efficiency from your team. How can you get everyone in gear for 2013?

By focusing on productivity, you may help enhance your overall marketing strategy. There are many methods you can try out to make sure everyone completes their work efficiently. However, distractions are inevitable, which can cause a backup. Focus is key to improving the productivity of your agency. Here are some tips to help everyone stay on track:

  • Take the time to recognize what is important. Try keeping a list so you know what needs to be done, but do not lose focus on the list.
  • Creating sub-lists can help keep you focused during segments of the day so things can get done in an orderly fashion.
  • Ignore all distractions, especially while completing priority tasks. Concentrate on the sub list no matter what.
  • Setting goals allows employees to focus and prioritize. Also, employees and employers can be on the same page by mapping out how to achieve each goal.
  • By focusing on daily tasks, this can help with time management. This way, employees can gain a feeling of responsibility for different projects, such as with your insurance marketing strategy. Taking ownership of this can help to reach company goals.
  • Positive feedback can motivate your team. Praise for positive interactions with customers in person or through social media can allow your business to not only increase productivity, but also the focus on the customer. Increasing productivity in your agency takes time and effort, especially while maintaining focus on the customer. However, committing to each tip can help you see the quality of results. Implementing these important changes in your strategy can help with employee motivation, employee engagement, and preserve customer satisfaction.

Daniel W. Post, CIC, is the President of Post Insurance Services and is responsible for all facets of the business from sales, service, marketing, administration and the company’s strategic direction. Although he leads the agency, Post continues to act as a field agent, growing his book of business – specifically in the construction, manufacturing and technology sectors.

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