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Generating a Memorable Marketing Message

In a world that's awash in marketing messages, is your insurance marketing noteworthy, or does it play the same tune over and over again? Generating a marketing message is easy. Generating one that sticks is more challenging. How can you make sure that your marketing message is one that people actually remember? Here are some tips.

Share Your Pride in What You Do 

If you don't love your brand, you can't promote it effectively to others. Many products have come and gone due to the fact that the audience wasn't convinced that the brands were relevant to their own lives. For instance, "lite" beer wasn't really popular until companies made it so by showing their primary audience that strong men could drink lite beer. 

As an insurance provider, you're certainly relevant, but insurance can also be perceived as difficult, expensive, complex, and stressful. Make your brand relevant and relatable, and show your clients how your agency understands their needs and works to make the experience of purchasing insurance a more pleasant and connected one. 

Connect it to a Person 

Whether you have a spokesperson for your business or you work with social media influencers, having a face and a personality to connect to your agency can help your message stick. It also helps if spokespeople have a personal connection with individuals. 

For Generation Z in particular, this might mean connecting to a popular influencer in your area to promote your insurance message. For older generations, this could mean creating information that their peers share on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Focus on Solving a Problem 

If people can relate your marketing message back to something that is meaningful in their lives right now, you're on the right track. Hubspot states that you should, "ask yourself: What problem are you solving for your customers? What solution does your product or service provide?" If your marketing message speaks clearly about the solution that you offer, then people will be more likely to remember it. 

Reflect the Individual 

There are many different people who buy insurance every day, and each person has slightly different interests and needs. People on the verge of retirement have different needs than those just starting their families, for example. While you may not be able to create individual ads for each customer, make sure that any content marketing that you do relates to your many distinct types of clients. 

According to Small Biz Trends, "instant gratification creates a stronger bond between your brand and the customer." Don't just speak to a single audience – work to find connections with each of your audiences as individuals, reflecting their specific needs in your marketing message. 

Be Consistent 

Part of being memorable is being innovative, but another part involves being consistent. What is the story that you tell people about your agency? While you don't need to tell them the same story in the same way all of the time, maintaining a consistent story will allow you to embed your unique message in their minds. For instance, if you brand yourself as a homegrown, caring insurance agency, all of your marketing materials should reflect this branding approach.

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