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Get Involved in Your Professional Association This Year

Building professional expertise happens through the day-to-day activities of insurance jobs. But insurance professionals also need ongoing professional development to stay up to date on practices and trends in the field. As people develop skills within their insurance jobs, where can they turn for additional professional development?

A professional association is often the right answer. Such an association can offer guidance and assistance with continuing education for insurance professionals, along with other benefits. Here are some of the ways professional associations help insurance professionals build thriving careers.


Professional Conferences 

One hub for professional development is the annual conference in your area of interest. For instance, American Agents Alliance offers an annual conference with workshops and over 100 exhibitors. Not only can you attend conference sessions – you can also learn through networking and pinpoint future opportunities for your insurance agency by talking to a range of vendors and exhibitors.

Career Pro mentions that conferences don’t just offer educational and networking opportunities. Ultimately, they allow participants “to feel more integrated into your professional community.” When you feel like you have the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded professionals, you can envision potentially groundbreaking possibilities for your insurance agency.


In-Person and Online Courses 

Sometimes, actually sitting down to complete coursework can help you or your employees focus on developing a specific skill that’s valuable in the insurance industry. Insurance associations offer discounted rates on online and in-person classes so that your employees can specialize or upgrade their skills. At American Agents Alliance, some of our education providers include:

  • The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research
  • The National Underwriter
  • Fastrack CE

In-person courses give your employees the opportunity to meet others in the field and to engage in dialogue about insurance issues, while online courses offer the convenience of working with others across the country at times and locations that work with busy schedules. Online courses may also be specialized classes that may not be available in person in your region, particularly if your agency runs in a more rural location.


Professional Networking and Consulting Opportunities 

Never underestimate the power of a simple conversation. With professional networking opportunities, agency services, and consulting services, your insurance agency association can work with you to provide the professional consultation and discussion that your agency needs to thrive.

For instance, American Agents Alliance offers worksheets that are used as part of the CIC Agency Management Institute Curriculum, such as the Account Profitability Tool and Writing One Account Tool. You can also upgrade and learn more about the SEO on your agency’s website using professional SEO services. The opportunity to work with other insurance industry professionals and build a professional network is priceless.


The Benefits Of Continuing Education

As an employer, you need to ensure that your employees have opportunities for growth. This not only helps your employees feel satisfied within their position but also allows your agency to grow as a whole, understanding and meeting new audiences and developing stronger sales and marketing strategies.

According to ELearning Industry, “employees who have the online training they need to do their jobs effectivelyare more confident in the workplace. They are also more satisfied with the organization, as a whole, and are less likely to leave.”

Satisfied, long-term employees are better able to serve your clients, your organization, and your community. Joining your professional association opens up significant opportunities for employee networking and learning.

Are you ready to upgrade your professional skills? Talk with us at American Agents Alliance. We provide a professional association where you can network and get discounts on services and products that will benefit your clients and your employees today and over the long term. Contact us today to learn more.

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