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Get More out of Your Next Networking Event with These 5 Tips

Whether you hate networking or love it, there is no doubt about it – it helps your insurance agency become more successful.


Here are five simple tips to use at your next networking event:

  • Get there early. That’s the best time to connect with the event organizers as well as speakers and presenters – in short, people with a lot of connections. They may be swamped later, so make a good impression early to have real “staying power.”
  • Don’t be “that guy” (or gal). Yes, you’re there to network, but if you chatter on incessantly about insurance, you’re going to be ignored – or even avoided – most of the time. Talk about other topics and unless someone asks you about insurance specifically, let your business card do the talking for your agency.
  • Follow up. Once you make that initial connection, send an email with a quick “thanks.” Mention something you discussed to jog their memory and let them know they’re more than just a business card.
  • Follow them – on Twitter, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Take notes. Use the backs of business cards to remind yourself of important points to make sending follow-up thank-you’s easier.

Practice those networking skills, learn more tips and techniques, and share info by attending one of our local meetings.  It’s one more way American Agents Alliance, a national insurance association for independent insurance agents is helping you take your business to the next level.

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