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Getting Local with Google

Going Local With Google

Although there are several major search engines, the vast majority of search traffic arrives from Google. The algorithms and SEO techniques used by this search engine giant dictates the marketing techniques of businesses around the world. When Google began their own social media platform, Google+, they not only gave people and businesses a place to socialize and share ideas, they also gave local businesses a fantastic tool for maximizing their local SEO.


Understanding the Customer Using Google for Local Searches

People use local search to find a number of different types of businesses. Whether they seek a local restaurant they are looking to try or if they desire an insurance agency with local offices so they can speak to someone in person, the individual wants reliable and fast results. They want to find a company that can provide them with the products or services they desire while also being nearby. Google will work to provide searchers with results in the area sought by using their mapping tools. Google favors companies that have Google+ pages, particularly when it comes to local searches. By having a full Google+ profile, your insurance agency can improve its standings on the search results page for queries that match your industry and your geographic area.


Maximizing Your Google+ Profile

Your Google+ profile will be helpful in several ways:

  • As already mentioned, Google shows preference to local businesses with Google+ profiles
  • This social media platform is an easy way to add in keywords related to your local area and industry
  • You can upload pictures, videos, and content related to the insurance industry

To take advantage of these different benefits, you should take the time to develop your profile. This includes filling out the ‘story’ portion of your profile, describing your insurance agency and crafting an introduction for visitors who come across the site. Be sure to fill out your ‘links’ section and include a link back to your website and blog to make it easy to find you. You should also regularly publish content on your blog. Ideally, this will be a healthy mix of valuable written content, videos, and pictures that will help to engage, entertain and educate clients and prospects. Posts that are easily shareable and demonstrate the value of your agency work best. These pictures will lend credibility to your brand when people click on your profile, encouraging others to see and learn more about your insurance agency. You’ll also want to customize your Google+ URL to make it easier to recognize your brand name. Initially, Google+ assigns a long string of automatically generated numbers to your profile link. There a few requirements that must be met in order to customize your profile.

  • You need 10 or more followers
  • Your account is at least 30 days old and in good standing
  • You need to have a profile picture

Once you have met these requirements you can claim a custom URL that matches your brand. This is a valuable tool that you can use to grow your business and attract local attention from people seeking services like yours. By taking the time to develop your profile and capitalize on the tools that the search engine giant has given you, your insurance agency can improve its local SEO and grow.  Be sure and follow us on our Google+ page right here.

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