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Give Back to Your Employees This Season

As the owner of a local insurance agency, I know just how hard is to find time to give back, whether to the community or even your employees. Between all the hard work that goes into writing policies, marketing your insurance solutions, blogging, social media and like, it may seem impossible to set time aside to stop and give back. Fortunately, at Paradiso Insurance, we have found a great balance between it all. Yes, our main goal is to provide the best insurance and customer service to our clients. Giving back is part of achieving that. This season, let’s focus on giving back to our employees. These are the people who carry out our vision and support our business.

Here are four ways to show appreciation around the holidays:

#1: Organize a holiday party. Whether you have a party in the office, at a home or at a restaurant, it is nice to take time out of work to celebrate. This is a great opportunity to get to know your employees better on a personal level, too.

#2: Flex those work hours. The holidays are hectic for everyone. Give your employees an extra or half day off this season to get their holiday shopping and decorating done without the worry of work.

#3: Buy lunch for the office. Food is a powerful motivator! Even a pizza party in the office will brighten the mood and bring cheer to the office atmosphere.

#4: Give holiday bonuses. Are you feeling generous this season? Giving back to show your appreciation for hard work is the ultimate gift to your employees. Even a small holiday bonus will put a smile on your employees’ faces. So, how will you be giving back this month? Your employees are sure to appreciate the extra attention and recognition this month. Give back and good things will come to you. Trust us!

About the Author: Chris Paradiso is the owner of Paradiso Insurance, an agency that has more than 11 years of experience providing insurance solutions and financial services to residents and businesses in the Connecticut area. Our agency carries all lines of insurance — notably home, investments, life, commercial and Connecticut auto insurance.

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