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Grow Your Insurance Business with an eBook

You might consider yourself an insurance agent and not an author, but your agency succeeds because of your expertise in insurance products and the insurance business. During the course of a day, you may be able to share your knowledge with a handful of clients or other agents. You can use an eBook to share this same knowledge with hundreds of people at a time. Meanwhile, this document can help establish you as an expert in your field, genuinely help consumers, and spread the word about your insurance agency.


What Should Your Book be About?

Match your topic with your intended audience. If you want to attract health insurance customers, you might write about health reform changes in your state. If you want to attract new agents to your agency, you could write about effective marketing techniques. Every successful agent has good experiences that they can share with others.


How to Write an eBook

Many agents simply compose their book in a common word processor. Microsoft Office is a popular choice, and Open Office and Google Docs are free alternatives. After you have composed and proofread your composition, you can convert it to a PDF file. The advantage of PDF files is that they can get read with free software from Adobe that runs on a variety of different platforms. Your potential clients can read your eBook on their PC, Chrome, Apple computer, tablet device, or even smartphone.


How to Distribute an eBook

Now that you have composed a book, your first task is to distribute it to your intended audience. This simplest tactic is to upload the eBook to your web server and promote the download link on your website, social networking pages, and printed materials. Another tactic is to actually create a graphic cover and upload your eBook to a retailer like Amazon. This is a little more trouble, but a popular retailer can help attract the attention of a much broader audience than you can reach on your own. If you are a great insurance agent, but not an artist, you can find many good book cover designers who know how to create professional graphics at affordable prices.

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