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Happy National Bike to Work Day!

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It’s National Bike Month! If you’re bike has been gathering dust, this is the perfect time to get it out and tune it up. And if you ride regularly, good for you for participating in a healthy activity that’s also good for the earth.

Although the entire month is devoted to bikes, the League of American Bicyclists has singled out May 16 as National Bike to Work Day. Since 1956, the League has been sponsoring the annual event which encourages people to make the first step in a commitment to a healthier life and a greener environment.

Founded in 1880, the League reports that more than half of the U.S. population lives within five miles of where they work, which makes biking to work a cheap and sustainable alternative to driving a car. Between 2000 and 2011, the number of bicycling commuters increased by more than 47%, according to the League. Ready to get on your bike and start riding? There’s no time like Bike Month to get started. Visit the League website to learn about year-round events in and around your city or town.

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