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Help Clients Save Money by Encouraging Low-Risk Habits

Insurance agents can sometimes have difficulty gaining the trust of clients. Folks may assume that the agent is out to get them, deny them money, or overcharge. That is not the case!

As an independent insurance agency, it is important that you build a strong relationship with your client and of course, provide them with plenty of opportunities to save. A great way to accomplish this is to help your clients save money by encouraging a low-risk lifestyle.

Here are a few tips that you should be passing along to your clients:

To save on auto insurance:

  • Drive the speed limit to keep a clean driving record (no tickets, no accidents, etc.)

  • Install safety features to reduce the risk of car theft/burglary (alarm, locks, etc.)

  • Encourage your child to keep up their grades for a good student discount on their MA car insurance.

To save on health and life insurance:

  • Quit smoking (if you currently do) or never begin.

  • Avoid risky hobbies such as sky-diving, rock climbing, etc.

  • Eat healthy and exercise to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and stave off disease and illness.

To save on home insurance:

  • Have extra safety features installed in your home (alarm, deadbolts, safe, etc.)

  • Lower the risk of damages due to a disaster with safety features (storm shutters, roof enforcements, wind-resistant windows, etc.)

  • Reduce the chance of a devastating fire by installing home sprinklers.

To save on business insurance and workers compensation:

  • Implement an official training program for all incoming employees to reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Double check employee classifications.

  • Provide the right gear to your employees in an effort to lower the number of injuries and accidents. Agents who focus on building the relationship with the client and offer money-saving advice are going to be the agents who succeed. It is critical to keep the client satisfied and happy with an affordable premium.

By encouraging and helping them save, they will be much more likely to come back to your agency for all of their insurance needs.

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