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Help your Clients by Helping Them Save Money

As an agency owner, it is important that you are always reaching out to your clients and helping them when need be. One very important way to help your clients is to help by saving them money. In recent years, saving money has been crucial. If you can prove to a client that YOU will save them money, they are surely going to be on board.

This week, I would like to share a few points with all the other local agencies out there. These are the savings you should be sharing with YOUR clients. If you mention all the possible discounts available, clients are sure to feel you’re looking out for their best interests. Here are a few to start off with:


  • Multi-policy discounts

  • Claims-free discount

  • Protective device discounts (fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc.)

  • Disaster-resistant discount (storm shutters, reinforced roof, etc.)

  • Retired discount

  • Personal status discount


  • Good student discounts

  • Mature driver discounts

  • Clean driving record discount

  • Multi-policy discounts

Health & Life:

  • Good health discount

  • Non-smoker discount

  • Multi-policy discounts


  • Multi-policy discounts

  • Low-risk discounts

  • Workers compensation discounts (risk assessments, training, audits, etc.)

Helping your clients save money may improve both business and sales in the long run. It is your duty to be ON the client’s side – not against them! Unlike larger insurance companies, local independent agencies can add a personal touch to policies. By encouraging and showing our clients how to save, they will trust you to take care of them and their coverage needs, for a great price.

About the Author: Gillman Insurance was established in 1993 with the idea that insurance doesn't have to be a frustrating, complicated and expensive process for the consumer. The agency is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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