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Help Your Clients Make Decisions With Video Technology

Do you turn to online video when you want to learn about a topic? According to Forbes, if you do, you’re certainly not alone: “Video is projected to claim more than 80 percent of all web traffic by 2019.” Video is not always easy to create, but for your customers, it’s a simple way to learn more about your insurance products. Adding video to your insurance marketing designed to educate your clients about insurance options can help them make better decisions.


More Than a Promotional Video 

If you think about video in terms of traditional advertising, with cheerful jingles and marketing language, you’re still living in the 1980s. While you can use online videos to describe and advertise your products, when you’re creating videos you’re doing much more than product promotion. You’re creating a message that helps your leads make decisions about the insurance products that they may decide to buy.


Be Helpful 

In some ways, today’s video strategies are a step way back to the days when most customers engaged with vendors through brick-and-mortar storefronts. Imagine your customers coming into your insurance agency. Your role isn’t to step up and give them a hard sales pitch right away. Your role is to be welcoming, and friendly, ask questions, and provide information to help them make a decision. You’re building a warm connection between you and your customers so that they see you as a helpful resource.

The same strategy can be used when creating videos for your audience. Just as you would in written material, focus on the story and the connection rather than the sales pitch, but add a strong, concise call to action as well, to ensure that your leads can follow through and become customers.


Create Targeted Video 

Video provides an opportunity to be helpful at just the right moment. If you have a page that describes your products, that’s the perfect place to add video. You can also add video to targeted landing pages. For example, if you’re targeting new homeowners who are buying their first house insurance, develop a short video on what to look for in your house insurance. Place this on your landing page that’s targeted to first-time insurance buyers.

The video will help them understand your products and make a decision about what to purchase. Landing pages that contain video lead to far more conversions than landing pages without video: up to 800 percent more, according to the Digital Marketing Institute.


What About Time and Cost? 

Videos don’t need to be long, sweeping documentaries. In fact, 56% of videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long, according to Hubspot. Yes, video needs to be professional, but it doesn’t need to be onerous. Hubspot also states that the vast majority of businesses now have some ability to produce videos in-house, reducing the financial challenges of developing video.

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