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Help Your Clients Prepare for Hurricane Season

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Many people associate the beginning of June with summertime, but it is also the beginning of hurricane season in many parts of the country. Why not use your marketing platform to help educate your insurance clients and your community about ways that they can prepare for summer storms? This effort demonstrates that you care about their property and their families, and you can certainly take the opportunity to mention that you would be happy to evaluate their current coverage to make certain it is still adequate.


Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

You could provide a hurricane preparation checklist that people can print off or view on their computers and smartphones. Of course, you should brand your agency on these checklists. These simple tips come from the National Hurricane Center:

  • Gather information: The time to find out where to tune in for hurricane alerts, make a list of contacts, and find out if homes are covered for a flood before a tropical storm or hurricane strikes. Of course, one of the contacts on the list should be your agency.
  • Prepare supplies: Every family should have non-perishable food, water, battery-powered lights, a battery-powered radio, essential prescriptions, and other supplies stored in case the power goes out. Thought should be given to supplies that are needed if the family needs to shelter in place or if they need to evacuate.
  • Evacuation: If the situation calls for evacuation, families should plan a destination. This might be the home of family or public shelters in nearby cities. Remind your clients to think of their pets, and they may need dog crates and emergency supplies for them too. This is also a good time of year to keep the tank full of gas at all times.


Is Your Agency Prepared?

Membership in the American Agents Alliance, a national insurance association for independent insurance agents can keep your agency up-to-date, help you network, and much more. While you work hard to take care of your clients, we work hard to take care of our agents.




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