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Hidden Perks of Joining a Professional Association

Are you considering joining an insurance agent association? Joining a professional association seems like an excellent opportunity to network. However, an association can give you far more than networking opportunities. What are some of the hidden benefits of joining an insurance association?


Discounts on Products and Services 

When you’re a smaller business trying to save money, it’s important to do this wherever you can. However, you don’t want to compromise quality by choosing software products or courses that are not the best in the industry. By signing up with an insurance agent association, you can get discounts on products and services that you use every day, and these products are selected because they are the best in the industry.


Service Support 

Marketing and hiring can be intimidating for small businesses. When you work with an insurance agent association, you can outsource some of this work to them and work in collaboration to create a marketing plan or find the right staff for your business. You have access to professionals in these fields who have been finding the right people for insurance agencies for years.


Software That Suits Your Business 

If you’re looking for software for your insurance company, an insurance agency association can not only recommend software, but it can also provide you with discounts on the best software products for your agency. After all, a professional association is made up of people who are working in the same field that you are, with the same struggles managing clients’ information. Instead of trying out many different programs before you get to one that works, a professional association gives you a sampling of the better programs for insurance agencies.


New Learning Opportunities 

While networking is a learning opportunity, in addition to hosting an annual convention , your professional association can have opportunities for you and your employees to sign up for other ongoing learning opportunities. Online course work can be particularly useful for your staff. They can take part in seminars at work, and they don’t need to commute out of the office to do so. You can also receive discounts on attendance when you sign up with a professional association.


Group Insurance Opportunities 

Even insurers need insurance. When you’re looking for E&O insurance to protect your business, you might be put off by the cost of this insurance. However, when you join up with a professional association, this creates an economy of scale that allows all of those in the association to get discounted rates on key insurance products.


Legal Hotline 

Do you have questions or concerns about your business? If so, you may need legal advice. Finding this advice can be expensive, and furthermore, you might not be able to connect with a lawyer who really understands your business. Connecting with an insurance agent association such as American Agents Alliance gives you access to legal advice through a legal hotline so that you don’t need to hire a lawyer for a simple question.

At American Agents Alliance, we strive to be the insurance agent association that you need. Come to us with your questions and find all of the membership benefits that are waiting for you.

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