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High Value Skills for New Insurance Agents

When you are looking for insurance jobs, salary is an issue. How can you make more money doing what you love to do: helping people feel secure? As a new insurance agent, you need to consider what skills you can add to your portfolio. These high-value skills make you a higher-value employee who is an asset to your agency and potentially allows you to reach the upper end of the insurance jobs salary range for your position.

1. You Can Explain

As a new insurance agent, you need to have strong oral and written literacy skills. If you are an excellent writer or a talented explainer, you can work with clients to provide valuable insurance education. You might conduct a webinar that focuses on changes in auto insurance, explaining those changes to your clients. By working on your written and oral communication skills, you add value to your insurance company and allow it to provide superior customer service.

2. You Understand Social Media and SEO

Like it or not, social media is here to stay, and agencies must stay on top to promote their businesses. The insurance industry is no exception. If your agency would prefer to ignore social media, you can provide exceptional value to your business by becoming the one who's fluent in social media. You will understand what's on your clients' minds, and you can articulate that to those who follow your social media updates. You know enough about SEO to use location specifics, hashtags, and keywords in your social media messages and your blog posts, drawing in new customers.

3. You're Adept At Customer Service

While all insurance agents must have fluent people skills, if you are particularly skilled at working with clients, you will bring in additional clients and work to solve problems within your business. Consider extra training in communication and conflict resolution. This training will help you work with more challenging clients and successfully resolve conflicts that others in your agency do not want to touch. This allows you to reduce tension in the workplace and improve your business's reputation. Both skills are invaluable to your employer.

4. You Can Manage Projects

The insurance business is full of projects. From a small project like an insurance renewal to larger projects such as insurance claims or implementing a new system for assessing risk, you are always working on projects small and large. Become more skilled at managing your time and generating results, and you will become known in your agency as an insurance agent who gets things done quickly and competently. You will receive more opportunities to lead significant projects for your agency. To gain these skills, look at time management strategies and investigate the possibilities of course work in project management.

5. You're Committed

Besides your skill base, your personality traits can help you reach upwards in the insurance industry. As a new agent, you must appear professional and committed. This includes everything from wearing the right business clothes to rapid and efficient follow-through with clients. You also need to be committed to your personal development. Seek to improve your skills year after year, and your colleagues will recognize that you are engaged in this industry and provide you with additional opportunities to grow in your position.

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