Hiring & Development

Nurture and retain your biggest asset…people

Increase Agency Profitability with Employee Behavioral Assessments

Ready to boost engagement and productivity within your current team? Want to further develop the sales style of your top producers? Or are you just plain tired of bad hires? We’ve partnered with The Omnia Group, a behavioral assessment and employment consulting firm, to bring members of the American Agents Alliance the talent tools you deserve.

In 15 minutes or less The Omnia Behavioral Assessment reveals an existing employee’s or candidate’s personality traits, workplace preferences and motivators. You’ll have the insight you need to develop, retain, select and engage your biggest asset…people.

With the Omnia Profile assessment tool you will:

  • Build Better Teams & Develop Your Staff
  • Improve Retention & Motivation
  • Select Top Producers, Managers and CSRs
  • Increase Collaboration, Reduce Conflict & Communicate More Effectively

Member Benefit

  • One FREE Omnia Profile Assessment with initial package purchase

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