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Hiring the Right People is an Insurance Marketing Strategy

What’s your newest insurance marketing strategy? Is it a sassy social media campaign or a new vision for your website? One of the best insurance marketing strategies is sitting at the desk across from you. The employees of your insurance agency are your biggest asset. Post insurance jobs looking for these traits and skills, and you can create more successful marketing opportunities for your insurance business.


1. Hire Those Who Focus on Customer Relationships

Marketing is about research and it is about the numbers. However, to create a longer-term relationship with customers, it’s also about developing that connection over time. Your employees need to be able to create an excellent first impression on a customer, be proactive to prevent unhappy customers, and treat each customer as someone who faces important challenges and is crucial to your business. If you lead with customer relationships, it will be easier to develop and implement your other insurance marketing strategies.


2. Look for People Who Want to Contribute Their Unique Skills

When you’re hiring, seek out employees who want to be a critical part of the team. If you’re working at a small insurance agency, there’s no room for those who want a job that doesn’t require a lot of creativity. No matter what position your employee holds, that person should have a contribution to make to your insurance marketing. It could be an exceptional way of working with existing customers online or on the phone, or it could be a talent in web design that will allow you to take your online marketing to a new level. You may have specific skills you require or you may be surprised at the extra skills that your employees bring to the table.


3. Look For Researchers

No matter whether you’re on the front lines in customer service or you’re at the top of the company, you need to understand what the research says before you connect with a customer or choose to implement a new insurance marketing strategy. Choose employees who look for ways to collect data and who are interested in understanding what that data means. Every employee collects information about customers and the success of specific marketing strategies: some do this through information conversation, while others track online metrics. When you hire, look for those who want to add to their knowledge of your customers, your products, and your marketing strategies.


4. Hire People Who Can Integrate Feedback

Whether it’s feedback from fellow employees or from a customer, your employees need to be able to take the information they’re given about the agency’s performance and their own performance and turn it into insurance marketing gold. For example, an employee who works hard on a social media campaign only to see it flop could complain about the fact that no one participated, or he could glean information from the failure and use it to greatly improve future social media campaigns.

Whether you’re trying to find the best people for your insurance jobs or you’re trying to develop your insurance marketing strategy, American Agents Alliance is here to help your business succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how becoming a member can help your independent insurance agency grow.

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