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Holding a Live Insurance Webinar

And you’re live! As an insurance agent, you probably didn’t expect to become a video star. However, creating a live insurance webinar can be very beneficial for your viewing audience, also known as your insurance customers. How can you use live webinars in your insurance marketing?


What is a Webinar?

Back in the olden days of insurance marketing, you and your customers had to be in the same room. You’d explain the benefits of a particular insurance product, and they would decide whether or not they wanted to purchase that product from you.

In the more recent olden days, insurance agencies with bigger budgets could take to the television, engaging with viewers and touting the benefits of their insurance policies.

Today, video is for everyone. Anyone with simple equipment and a computer can create a live broadcast of educational content, going “on air” with a video seminar, or webinar.


Why Create a Webinar?

Times have changed. Your customers now expect you to be a source of information rather than focusing solely on the sales pitch. Insurance marketing focuses on content development in addition to selling specific products. Today’s insurance agencies are challenged to become insurance educators, becoming respected voices in the field who teach prospective clients.

Why choose a webinar as a way to talk with your insurance audience? A webinar has several advantages over written content:

  • Video feels easier. It’s simpler to watch a webinar than it is to read about insurance.
  • Video is an event. A live webinar brings a sense of urgency to your leads, encouraging them to commit to attending. You can focus your marketing efforts around this video event.
  • There’s the potential for audience interaction. Your customers can ask you questions and you can answer them in real time.

Webinars also have advantages that are similar to written content. Like a blog post or ebook, you can turn webinars into evergreen content, at least for a time. Your site visitors can take a look at past webinars and learn about insurance from you even when your business is closed.


Choosing a Webinar Topic

A webinar can be one of the best parts of your insurance marketing plan, but you need to choose topics that will attract people to your business. Look at the FAQs for your business and at the keywords that draw people to your site. If you have blog content, what blogs get the most hits? Choose a webinar topic that further illuminates one of these areas, and you’ll be more likely to generate avid interest.

Creating a webinar is relatively simple and inexpensive.


How to Create Your Webinar

Some agents may be nervous about putting yourself out there online. One of the most worrisome parts for new users is the technology. Can your insurance agency hold a webinar without investing in expensive equipment, software, and tech support?

If you’d like to hold a webinar, you can do so relatively simply and at low cost. Google Hangouts on Air allows you to do this. Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Start a Gmail account
  2. Create a Google Plus account
  3. Develop a YouTube Channel.
  4. Connect your Google+ account with your YouTube account
  5. Install the Hangouts Plugin.

(Remember to verify your YouTube account so that you can create content that’s longer than 15 minutes.)

Whatever platform you use, remember to practice: technical problems can and do happen. It’s best if they happen while you and a few others are working on the webinar together, rather than during the main event. Practice working with YouTube. Practice creating Google Hangouts for you and your colleagues. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling fluent in the video platform and ready to create your first webinar.

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