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Top Ways to Use Your Holiday Sales Leads in the New Year

The holidays are a wonderful time to connect with friends and family — and with prospective clients. Find creative ways to use your holiday sales leads come January for a productive start to the new year.

Many people are interested in reconsidering their insurance options as they make their health a resolution. Take advantage of this timing to follow up with new leads you developed over the holidays.

Read on to learn the best ways to check in with your new holiday sales leads. The American Agents Alliance has lots of great resources like this to empower independent agents and brokers to thrive.


Top Ways to Use Your Holiday Sales Leads in the New Year

After spending time developing your holiday sales leads, make sure you put them to good use in the new year.


Focus on the time of year.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to be healthy, take control of their finances, or better protect their family. Use these goals when talking with potential customers. Explain how insurance can help them make their resolutions a success. The right insurance policy offers financial security and peace of mind. It can also reduce stress by being the safety net to protect the family.


Follow up in light-hearted ways.

The holidays are all about celebrating. Your prospective clients are thinking about lots of things this time of year, and insurance isn’t always top of mind. But you can keep insurance — and your agency — in your customer’s mind by reaching out in a fun way. Send light-hearted emails filled with helpful tips provided in an approachable way. You could send wintertime safety tips along with a favorite holiday cookie recipe or send an email celebrating Ugly Christmas Sweater Day with pics of your staff celebrating the day.


Offer a free policy review.

Make it about the timing. Reach out to prospective clients and offer to review their current policies for free. Look at their coverage to find any gaps — then provide solutions. People don’t always know if their insurance coverage is adequate, so pointing out where they may need more coverage is helpful. Once you point out the problem, you can provide the solution through a different policy, higher limits, or another remedy.


Keep communicating often.

Even though it is a busy time of year as people settle into their January routine, keep reaching out. Communicate often. The rule of seven still applies — it can take seven times or more before someone acts on advertising they see. Send your message in different ways but keep sending it. Your holiday sales leads are busy, but they are also interested in your services. Continue marketing to them with different messages.


Celebrate last year’s wins.

Write a celebratory post or blog about last year’s wins. Promote it in the new year to recognize your team’s successes. And to show potential clients how you could help them, too. Publicize your wins on social media. You can use this to highlight your expertise in your niche or how you helped solve a particular problem.


Send a thank-you note.

Whether old-fashioned pen on paper or a digital e-card, saying thank you is always in style. Thank your holiday sales leads for connecting with you. Say how much you appreciate them and wish them a happy, healthy New Year. You don’t need to include a sales pitch or call to action — just thank them for being on your list.


Stay in Touch With Your Holiday Sales Leads Throughout the Year

Don’t forget your holiday sales leads after the holiday season ends. Keep them in your sales process. Continue to reach out by sending helpful information or tips. Offer a policy review at renewal time.

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