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How Are Virtual Reality Marketing Tools Changing the Insurance Industry?

Virtual reality has been touted as a breakthrough in product marketing, but can you use it for insurance marketing? Virtual reality brings people into the virtual world. As an insurance agency, how can you use this high tech tool to boost your marketing efforts?

What is Virtual Reality? 

Virtual reality is a computer-generated image of a three-dimensional environment. It makes you feel like you are inside an experience. By wearing a headset and potentially other gear such as gloves, people can see and even feel what is in that virtual environment.

Augmented reality is even more prevalent at the moment. This technology fuses the real world and the virtual world. Pokemon Go was an example of how to combine the two, bringing together virtual cartoon characters that you could “find” in real world locations.

According to KPMG, it’s likely that by 2020, VR will become more of a mass market product. This poses a lot of questions for insurance companies, particularly in terms of risk. After all, even with the augmented reality experience of Pokemon Go, people hurt themselves due to their distraction.

Beyond seeing VR as a risk, however, how can you use virtual reality?

How Can You Use VR in Marketing? 

Forbes mentions that while virtual reality is becoming more common, “the challenge is using VR in a way that makes sense for your overall brand messaging and target audience.” How can you use virtual reality successfully in your marketing efforts?

Know that you’re intruding – so make it good.

As VR ads move into existence, how can you capitalize on this new trend? If you’re thinking of making a foray into traditional advertising done in a VR style, know that people will be reluctant to remove their headsets and check out of the VR experience. This means that they’ll likely watch your ad, but if it is not an engaging experience, they could get a bad impression of your business from being forced to watch it. Your advertising should be top-notch and short, since you have a captive audience.

Hop on the augmented reality train. 

If games and other free time activities take people out of their homes to find virtual attractions in the real world, become one of those attractions. A lead’s smartphone can take them right to your location. You just need to give them motivation to show up at your door. What can you offer those who are walking by?

Make it useful and make it fun.

For example, Ikea not only added the possibility of creating your own digital, virtual kitchen that you can stand in prior to creating your actual kitchen, but it also developed a game that allows you to fling meatballs around the kitchen. People are drawn to the technology not only for its enhancement of user abilities to visualize a space, but also to the fun of throwing meatballs as well.

Bring your customers along for the ride. 

VR can be used to show people around a virtual environment, so use it to its fullest. For instance, in the insurance realm, you could have a virtual auto or home safety quiz, giving clients the ability to spot problems and play a game to fix them. Use VR as a teaching tool, then incorporate it into your call to action.

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