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How Buyer Personas Can Increase Insurance Sales

As you know, every person has different coverage needs and different attitudes about insurance. By using buyer personas, you can better understand potential and current clients and approach them in the way that is most likely to result in success.


How Do You Develop Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are research-based models. The best way to start developing ones for your agency is to examine the data you already have on current clients. What is their age group? Income level? Are your clients from one geographic location, or do you deal with prospects state or even nationwide? Surveys and market research studies can help you determine their reasons for buying, their values, and their buying triggers. By accumulating all of this information, you will begin to see trends develop. From there, you can create archetypes that fit each of your prospective insurance policy buyers.


How to Use Buyer Personas in Your Insurance Business

Once you have developed your buyer personas, you can use them to approach potential and current clients. A few ideas on how to put buyer personas to good use:

  • Create custom landing pages on your website. Custom pages allow you to present information that speaks directly to the archetypical customer you wish to real.
  • Write or commission coverage guides geared to different groups of buyers. This can be presented as an eBook, set of articles or a printed guide. Determining insurance needs can be confusing for the layperson and potential clients will appreciate the assistance that is tailored to their specific situation.
  • Train your staff in buyer personas and how to approach each type when offering coverage. This sort of customized approach can lead to better sales by making sure that each client gets exactly the coverage that he or she needs.
  • Use buyer personas for upselling and complementary products. You may discover that one of your car insurance buyer personas is more likely to be a renter than a homeowner. By approaching these sorts of buyers with affordable renters insurance policies, you can increase sales while better protecting your clients.

Anytime we can connect with current and potential clients on a personal level, it gives us better opportunities to make sure that they get the coverage that they need. The American Agents Alliance, a national insurance association, offers independent insurance agents the tools they need to better market their services and serve their client’s needs. Join us today to begin enjoying these and other benefits.



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