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How Can Augmented Reality Impact Your Insurance Marketing?

When your customers need insurance relief, they need it in a very real way. The damage that they've suffered might be physical or virtual, but they need to have the tangible financial backup to see them through the problems they're facing. In order to help your clients see how your products can benefit them, you may consider using the technologies of augmented reality.  How can augmented reality tools help you connect with your clients in your insurance marketing? 

1. Help Clients Visualize Their Needs 

Augmented reality can help your clients understand what their home might look like if a local river flooded or if a pipe burst in their bathroom. Give your clients a deeper understanding of the impact that insurance can have by giving them a virtual experience that shows the need for that insurance. According to Forbes, "AR gives you a more immersive platform to tell a story directing people to deeper content, game-like features, and bringing the consumers into the experience." 

2. Add AR to Your Social Media 

If you're already using social media to promote your business and develop a connection with your audience, augmented reality can add to the diversity of your customer experience by allowing you to share posts that have been augmented. This can be as simple as a filter on a photo or as complex as a real image or video with augmented reality elements that help get your message across. For example, if you're creating a video about disaster preparedness, adding augmented reality elements will help your clients see and share the potential impacts of a disaster and how to prepare.

3. Reach Out to New Clients 

Forbes calls Millennials the "digitally native demographic." These younger insurance buyers are not always satisfied with the way that insurance purchases and marketing happen. They like to research and purchase products online, often on mobile devices, with options that are customized to their lifestyle needs. 

With augmented reality, your business takes a step into this world. Augmented reality should be part of an overall plan to move your business into the mobile and online realms. Using technologies that feel comfortable to these digital natives will help you reach Millennials more effectively.

4. Make Your Advertising Interactive 

If you're using inbound or outbound marketing, you can add AR enhancements to increase your interactions with your clients. For example, they might virtually scan your ad to receive a digital bonus in their account or a free gift. You can offer them points or another kind of bonus if they check in at your physical agency location. If you have customers in the store, you can also use AR to offer additional information about insurance products. For example, by adding a barcode to a pamphlet or a display, you could link your customers to further information about your products, answering some of their questions and providing more in-depth content.

We understand that your insurance products help your clients provide their home, business, vehicle, or life with the security they need. We'll help you visualize new ways of marketing, networking, and training so that you can connect with your insurance clients. Contact us today.

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