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How Curated and Niche Content Develops Relationships with California Leads

In a world in which clients can feel like faceless, nameless customers, creating a curated, niche experience for your insurance clients is incredibly valuable. It builds relationships, and it helps them feel understood.

What are some of the concerns of your California clients, and how can you work with your California niche markets?

The Value of Well-Curated Content

Imagine going to a resort and discovering a list of experiences that are focused on your interests. Your room is prepared with extra elements that you enjoy, like fresh flowers. You feel known, valued, and excited to be there.

The same thing can happen to your insurance clients when you sift through content to find and create the content that appeals to a specific audience. Curated content makes your clients want to sign up and stick around.

Curated content is focused on the needs of a specific audience. Instead of sending out very general insurance information and products, you choose to support your specific audiences with content that meets their needs. This creates a stronger connection between your company and that audience. They know that you understand them, and you continue to develop that understanding over time.

Understanding Your Niches

According to Entrepreneur, “smaller is bigger.” When you’re in the insurance market, your field is the insurance field, but you can target your clients, sending out specific information and creating offers that specifically target a subset of people who need insurance.

As you move into niche insurance marketing, what do you need to think about?

  • First, get to know the people you’d like to target in your marketing. Who are your existing audiences? Do you have an ideal client profile that you’d like to pursue?
  • At the same time, understand what you do best. You don’t need to offer all insurance to all people. Where do your competencies lie? Would you like to expand those areas of expertise?
  • Create client profiles. Understand your customers’ views of the world and their specific needs and worries.
  • Develop a plan to meet those needs to position yourself as an insurance agency that’s able to speak to those specific clients. For instance, you could focus some of your energy on clients who have waterfront homes and who have worries about erosion, flooding, and storm events. You could become known for your knowledge and education around this topic.
Work with your California clients to understand their specific needs. 
Work with your California clients to understand their specific needs.


Your California Clients’ Needs

While every individual client is different, your California clients may also be unified in some of their concerns and needs. These insurance trends likely concern your California clients:

  • Wildfire insurance is a concern for many homeowners, particularly those in rural areas. Rising premiums and an inability to secure insurance at all are both concerns for homeowners. According to The Sacramento Bee, “Two consecutive disastrous wildfire seasons have created a budding insurance crisis for thousands of Californians who live in and around fire-prone areas.”
  • Owners of beachfront properties may have specific concerns about insurance coverage of storm damage and the erosion of their properties.
  • Earthquakes are a common hazard in California, and homeowners wonder what is covered under their insurance plan.
  • Since California is a hub for the EV market, your auto insurance clients may wonder about the pricing of EV insurance.

Connecting with your clients means developing content that speaks to their specific needs.

If you’re a California insurance agency, the American Agents Alliance can help you as you find and develop warm leads. Contact us today to learn more about our lead nurturing and lead transfer programs.

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