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How Do Insurance Agencies Use Social Media Marketing

How do social media marketing and your insurance agency connect to each other? While you may use social media as part of your personal life, using social media marketing for your business requires another level of expertise altogether. How do insurance agencies use social media marketing, and how should your business do the same? 

Why Use Social Media? 

As an insurance agency, why should you be on social media at all? According to Synethesio, "social marketing provides brands and industries with a platform to connect with their audience and show them who they are as a brand." There are many possible uses for social media, including: 

  • Customer service 

  • Customer connection

  • Specific advertising 

  • Creating and sharing content 

  • Developing the voice of your brand 

What Can Social Media Marketing Look Like For Your Agency? 

Social media marketing looks diverse. It's not just ads for your next product. In fact, social media marketing may not look like advertising at all.  

It could include delivering content that makes your leads and customers feel inspired, connected, and reassured. For instance, if you want to help your clients know how to best prepare for the upcoming flood season, you can interview a preparedness expert and build your clients' appreciation of you as a compassionate, prepared resource.

It could also include endorsements from others focused on your business. This helps people build trust in your agency as a trusted member of the community.

A campaign to raise money and awareness for another cause in your community could also be included in your social media strategy. Social media is the perfect place to create a stronger community around a cause in which you believe. For instance, your insurance agency might want to support seniors' housing in your community, and you can promote that through your social media channels. This builds your brand image and lets people know that you care about your community as a whole.

 Avoid the Challenges of Social Media 

Like any other social venue, social media has its potential pitfalls for a business. According to Leadsurance, "insurance agencies should take a practical approach to social media to ensure compliance, avoid pitfalls, and enjoy the benefits." What does this kind of practical approach look like? 

Choose which platforms really work for your business. Don't sign up for everything and then do nothing. Sign up for one or maybe two social media platforms, set up a profile, and consider how you are going to engage with your clients through this platform. 

Be goal-focused. Know why you are using social media. Is it to build your brand? Share information? Don't get into the habit of posting just because you think you should post. Be intentional.

Understand how your brand differentiates itself online. How is your online presence different from that of your competitors? Where do you excel? 

How do you plan to get information about how well you're meeting your objectives for social media engagement? Set out a list of tools that will help you understand who's connecting and how you're connecting online so that you can make your social media marketing even more meaningful. 

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