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How Do Seniors Find Your Insurance Business?

When you're developing your insurance marketing plan, you consider seniors. After all, Baby Boomers and those in the generations before them are a large part of the population: more than 13 percent, according to the Census Bureau. How are these seniors finding your insurance business? You might be surprised at the diversity of ways you can market to seniors.

Print Isn't Dead

While younger generations turn more and more to web-based ways of researching, seniors look to a diversity of platforms for information. They read magazines for pleasure, or they flip through the community newspaper looking for the local news. Your agency can benefit through advertising in these venues as well as developing your website and blog. Whatever materials you create, focus on practicality and simplicity. Show how your products meet seniors' needs and protect their homes and families.

Seniors Find You Through Friends

Seniors value their relationships, and they also use these relationships for referrals. Encourage them to share your information with others, and provide them with exceptional customer service so that they'll be more likely to pass on your information. Trust, personal contact, and reliable service are all elements of a customer transaction that seniors particularly value, and they will let their friends and neighbors know when they have a good experience.

Focus on Family Members

As seniors age, they may rely on others to look for the products and services that they need, and this includes insurance. Consider marketing to the family members of older seniors as well. In fact, according to Senior Living Magazine, women ages 50 plus are the fastest-growing demographic on the web. A fifty-something woman who's looking for house insurance for her eighty-year-old mother is likely to search the web looking for information. Consider her in your marketing plan.

Seniors Are Using Social Media

While it might seem like social media is a young person's game, seniors enjoy social media for many of the same reasons that younger generations do. They reach out to friends and find support and community around their interests and needs. In fact, Business Insider recently noted "According to a report by Pew Research Center last month, 35% of all adults aged 65 and older said they're on social media. That's more than triple what was reported in 2010."

Seniors are the fastest-growing group of users on social media. They follow the news on Twitter and are growing more comfortable connecting with friends and groups on Facebook. While younger people are moving to faster-moving platforms such as Snapchat, seniors are more content with the information and relationship-focused Facebook and Twitter. They're looking for content and connection, and your insurance agency can add valuable information, create groups, and build relationships with these seniors online.

When you're creating your insurance marketing plan, you need a community to support your growing business. At American Agents Alliance, we understand the importance of that community. That's why we've created an organization to meet the needs of independent insurance agents. Contact us today to learn more about our many membership benefits.

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