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How Influencer Marketing Breaks Traditional Marketing Barriers

Do you want to be an insurance agency with influence? If so, consider working with online influencers. Expanding your marketing strategy through influencer marketing allows you to change the way you view your social media connections and could change the way that people view your agency online. Break down traditional marketing barriers and become an agency that people are talking about.


What is Influencer Marketing? 

According to Forbes, businesses are trying to increase their reach through many different means, stretching far beyond traditional advertising and “partnering with personalities that have large followings on their websites and social media platforms.” These partnerships can be just as or even more fruitful than other marketing campaigns.


What Businesses Should Choose Influencer Marketing? 

As an insurance business, you’re not selling the latest trendy purse or making delicious sushi. While these items may be trendy and ripe for an online discussion, should other businesses even bother making efforts to become a topic of discussion?

You don’t need to be one of the cool kids on the block to benefit from online influencers. Your influencers aren’t the ones promoting high fashion. They’re the people in your online and offline community who see the value in your business.

These could include local figures who appreciate the education and advice that you give to the community. Your influencers could be those online who enjoy your innovative marketing campaign and want to share it with their readers. They could also be a partner of yours, such as a charity that you support. According to Inc, “anyone can potentially become an influencer; it is no longer a realm reserved exclusively for celebs.” There are plenty of smaller influencers out there who connect to your target audience.


How to Set Up an Influencer Marketing Campaign

How can you set up an influencer marketing campaign for your insurance agency?

  • Consider your overall marketing plan. Where does this fit?
  • Choose your target. Who do you want to influence? This is your buyer persona for the campaign.
  • Understand what social media platforms this target uses. This is where you should find influencers.
  • Find potential influencers who are connected to your target audience. Make sure that these are people whom you would want to represent your company, not just people with a large audience. Ask influencers about their past results.
  • Make alliances with influencers.
  • Set up performance indicators. How will you know if you’ve succeeded? Your indicators could include audience reach, click-throughs, impressions, engagement of your audience online, an increase in the followers on your social media sites or email lists, and an increase in sales.
  • Take action with your influencers.
  • Evaluate the success of your campaign.
  • Continue building different connections and cultivating them over time. Influencer marketing is like other social marketing; it’s about building relationships, not about a one-time ad campaign.

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