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How Insurance Agencies Can Use Pinterest

The social sharing website Pinterest is the current cool kid on the block right now – but what is it? Why do you want to use it? And how can an insurance agency build a presence on a website that appreciates DIY crafts and innovative recipes?

Pinterest is a social website that allows users to create boards for different interests, and then “Pin” images from around the Internet to those boards. It’s a way to catalog and share fun and interesting things from all over the web. Users are also able to “Repin” and comment on images that their friends post.

Over 70% of Pinterest users are female and between the ages of 25-34, so the content being shared is largely geared toward that audience.

Businesses that are using Pinterest effectively are seeing a large increase in their website traffic. Great, but how can you leverage this platform when you’re an insurance agency that specializes in life, health and truck insurance? Let’s be honest – insurance tips aren’t exactly the most viral content on the Internet.


Here are some tips to help you get started:

1.) Be human. Make your user icon your business logo, but then choose one person in the office to be in charge of your account and add their name to your profile. By attaching an actual person to your boards, users will be able to relate to them and building relationships will be more authentic.

2.) Think about the target audience. As previously mentioned, your target audience on Pinterest is females that are between the ages of 25-34. Consider what kind of life events are happening for those women that may require insurance; buying a home, renting an apartment, getting married, purchasing a car and growing their family with babies or pets. Pin or Repin content that fits within those guidelines and once it’s posted, you can edit your post and embed a link to your own website in it. For example, you could Pin beautiful pictures of homes and then link it to your home insurance page.

3.) Create your own original content. The easiest way to get started on Pinterest is by sharing content that you find, but once you get a little more comfortable, consider creating your own viral image. Recruit the talents of one of your more graphic design-oriented employees, or contact a local freelancer if your office comes up a little short in that department. Again, think about things your audience wants to share; lists are always a great way to start! Make them general tips and tricks for everyday life situations, but remember to brand it somewhere with your company logo and website. That way, if someone changes the link you have embedded in the image, you will still be getting credit for your creation.

Once you put the time and effort into creating your own image, you can also share it on your blog and Facebook accounts. It’s always good to create content that can work across multiple channels.


About the Author:

Lisa Sherer is the President/Owner of Berrier Insurance in Auburn, California. Lisa’s father George Berrier founded the agency in 1981; Lisa joined the staff in 1990 and took over as President in 2007. Known as the “Truck Insurance Diva,” she has spent the last 20 years serving the trucking and construction industries.

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