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How to Avoid Neglecting Existing Customers

When an insurance agency designs a digital marketing policy, they likely sit down to discuss how they are going to bring in new prospects to the agency’s website, how they can convert them into leads, and how they can turn those leads into paying clients. For many businesses, however, an important piece of the puzzle is missing.


The importance of existing clients

Most marketing policies completely neglect the happiness and satisfaction of existing clients. They simply hope that those who use their services will be happy enough to keep using them, but this is not a plan. This can be especially dangerous for agencies when one considers that it is 6-7x more expensive to find a new customer than hold on to an existing customer. That means that agencies would be able to increase their profits and grow considerably faster if they focused more on their existing clients, rather than using all of their resources just on attracting new ones.


Keeping customers happy – Customer service

Customer service is key to keeping customers happy, but it is not just about monitoring the sales process. Superior service should be the goal of the agency from the moment the lead begins to interact with the brand. Each representative should focus on:

  • Answering any and all questions
  • Always exceeding what they say they will do for the customer
  • Focusing on solving any customer problems
  • Listening to what the customer is saying

Agencies should take these criteria to heart to ensure that their client’s needs are being met.


Monitoring social media

Agencies should always monitor social media for any mentions of their brand, both positive and negative. Customers take to social media to voice their opinions, and a negative review can easily reach countless people. Instead, if a customer should voice dissatisfaction with a brand, the agency should strive immediately, and publicly, to make it right. By seeking to address and resolve problems right away, the agency shows this client and the numerous people who are watching, that this is a brand that cares about its clients.


Create content for existing insurance clients

Insurance agencies who build a solid inbound marketing policy work to generate content that will be helpful for potential clients, to help them view this brand as the authority they are become encouraged to convert. To avoid neglecting the paying clients, make sure that there is content created for them as well. Strive to continue to help them solve their problems and maximize the use of the agency services. Include them whenever possible in promotions and generally show that existing clients matter to this agency and their needs will not be forgotten. Neglecting existing customers is a common pitfall that agencies do not even realize they are falling into. By keeping the above guidelines in mind, brands can cultivate satisfied clients who eagerly recommend the insurance agency to their friends and families.

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