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How to Brand Your Insurance Agency

Branding is a group of practices that make your insurance agency a recognizable, coherent brand. As described by Entrepreneur Magazine, it tells your audience who you are and what your clients can expect. An agency with many years of experience may choose branding that emphasizes that longevity. One that offers a highly personalized level of service may wish to demonstrate that through their branding. By first deciding how you want your brand to be perceived, you can decide how to promote that image.

Some tips for effective branding:

  • Focus on a niche. No agency can be everything to everybody. But, by emphasizing the area where your agency excels, you can make it the quality you are known for.

  • Make and use a company style guide. This guide will include everything from permitted email signatures and fonts to language used to describe your services. This consistency will help build your brand and fix your image in clients’ minds.

  • Protect your company's reputation online and off. Respond, tactfully and helpfully, to complaints on social media. Engage with current and potential clients by offering useful blog posts, ebooks and more.

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